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About Holi
About Holi

About Holi

Holi (pronunciation:/ˈhoʊliː/; Sanskrit: होली Holī) is a Hinduspring festival in India and Nepal, also known as the "festival of colours" or the "festival of love".The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. It lasts for two days starting on the Purnima (Full Moon day) falling in the Bikram Sambat Hindu Calendar month of Falgun, which falls somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March in the Gregorian calendar. The first day is known as Holika Dahan (हॊलिका दहन) or Chhoti Holi and the second as Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulandi or Dhulivandan.

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Holi Special Songs

Here are the best places in India to watch or play the famous Holi festival.
  • Mathura & Vrindavan. The Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan is extremely famous throughout the country. ...
  • Barsana. Barsana in Uttar Pradesh is famous for Lath mar Holi. ...
  • Shantiniketan. ...
  • Anandpur Sahib. ...
  • Jaipur and Udaipur. ...
  • Goa. ...
  • Hampi. ...
  • Mumbai.

Superhit Bhojpuri Holi Songs

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Holi Gift Ideas
Holi Dress Trends(Boys)
Holi Dress Trends(Girls)
Holi Special (Sandals for Girls)
Holi Special (Nail Paint for Girls)
Holi Kids Dress Trends(Boys)
Holi Kids Dress Trends(Girls)
Holi Gift Ideas

Most Popular Holi Gifts

If you are still confuse, even after going through the above tips for selecting a proper gift, we are giving here a list of the most popular gifts ideas.

Sweets & Gujiyas: A box of sweets and gujias is a very popular gift item in Holi. For every special occasion, there is no better way to show your love and affection with sweets.

Chocolates: Chocolates are the most popular and favorite gifts in India. They always go with the festival mood and enliven the spirit of holi festival. Gift your near and dear ones a box of their favorite sweets.

Apparels: People love to gift clothes on this festivals. On the arrival of Holi, special dresses like cotton sarees and salwar kameez for women and kurtas for men can be gifted. White color is a favorite color in holi. So a white dress for Holi, like a cotton white saree or a cotton 'chikan' salwar-suit for girls and kurta-pajama for boys make wonderful gift items. Other dress items like beautifully designed shirts and skirts also fall in the category of Holi gifts.

Dry Fruits: Dry fruits are highly in demand as a gift on holi. Any moment can be made special with dry fruits. Available in a variety of designer boxes, these beautiful gift items make a lasting impression.

Holi Color Pack: Beautifully packed holi colors are the most appropriate gift for all. They symbolize the importance of colors and the spirit of the festival. Holi color packs include gulal, magic colors, sprays, water colors and balloons.

Holi Gift Hampers: Variety of Holi gift hampers are available in the market consisting beautifully designed trays with sweets, idol of Lord Krishna, diyas, gulal, etc.

Wall Hangings: Wall hangings are always considered to be a great gift on any festive occasion. The best option for holi are the wall hangings with Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna. These are perfect gift for those who want to adorn their houses on festivals.

Idols: Presenting the idols of Lord Krishna and Radhan are perfect to impart a devotional feeling.

Holi Home Decoration Items: Holi gifts can also be home decoration items like beautiful flower baskets, bouquets, flower vases, rugs and carpets, wall hangings etc.

Holi Greetings Cards: You can also send greetings cards on holi for your near and dear ones living anywhere in the world. Sending online cards is also very popular.

Gifts for Kids: Water gun, colored hats, masks, etc are best to win the heart of a naughty kid. These types of gifts are immensely cherished by children.

Holi Dress Trends(Boys)

 Click on the link to Buy Online Holi Special Dresses : https://www.flipkart.com/search?q=kurta%20for%20men&otracker=start&as-show=on&as=off 

Holi Dress Trends(Girls)

Click on the link to view more Holi Special Dresses & Shop online


Holi Special (Sandals for Girls)
Holi Special (Nail Paint for Girls)
Holi Kids Dress Trends(Boys)
Holi Kids Dress Trends(Girls)


Source: [J K Arts]



Buy Holi Colors Online

Buy Sweets & Dry Fruits Online

Holi Safety Tips (Vedio)
Safe Holi Tips
Holi Safety Tips (Vedio)
Safe Holi Tips

Safe Holi Tips

Some Important Holi Tips

Skincare tips

1. Nothing can beat covering maximum part of your body with full sleeved clothes and trousers but the old remedy of using mustard oil/coconut oil/ olive oil/ vaseline over your entire body on the night before and the morning of Holi does wonders in removing the colours easily post Holi.

2. Herbal and natural colours like turmeric, tea leaves, henna, marigold flowers etc can be a very good choice for playing Holi as they don't harm your skin much.

3. Drink lots and lots of water as skin tends to get dehydrated with the use of chemicals so the hydration should be replenished.

4. Use of a toner before stepping out to play Holi helps to close the pores of your skin thereby reducing the absorption and the harm.

5. Another tip would be to remove Gulal with dry hands rather than using water as it spreads even more after water application.

6. A transparent nail polish can take care of your nails, never rub your skin while removing colours and a facial cleanser is a better choice instead of a soap.

7. If any irritation develops after the use of colours, wash the area with cold waterand apply calamine lotion and a good moisturiser.

8. Last but not the least, a good waterproof sunscreen and a thick moisturiser is a must.

Haircare tips

1. The best way is to tie your hair and reduce the damage because of colours.

2. The scalp gets dry with the chemicals in the colours and the use of coconut oil or rosemary oil prevents it and the conditioner application post Holi takes care of it completely

3. Hair should be washed with a mild shampoo and lemon juice can be added to prevent dryness and it also takes care of any infection. Don't over shampoo and try to remove all the colour in a single day. if its not going, shampoo nicely the next day.

Source : [ TOI ]

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